CEPF Annual Report

Everyone depends on Earth’s ecosystems and their life-sustaining benefits, such as clean air, fresh water and healthy soils. Founded in 2000, the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund is a global leader in enabling civil society to participate in and benefit from conserving some of the world’s most critical ecosystems.

The challenge was to design an annual report for CEPF that was engaging, while at the same time working through the logistics and challenges of designing a matching website that offered the same details as the 72-page report.


Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund




Annual Report, Infographics, Website, Creative Direction, Photography Selection

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Brand Colors

Pantone PMS 187 is CEPF's red, so starting from there we developed a color guide to work across the annual report in charts and graphs and online.


Type plays a big part in the delivery of content. It needed to be readable and easy on the eyes. A Hierarchy was developed for headlines both in print and online.

Responsive Site

The challenge was not just a question of translating a print item to the web, but also ensuring it would be responsive and functional across all mobile platforms.

Timely Delivery

With 8 weeks to complete the annual report and website, time was against us. But we managed to deliver all projects on time and on budget.

The Challenge.

Past reports had relied heavily on boring chunks of text; long and tiring pages with little engagement. The new report would showcase some of the awesome photography available to CEPF to engage the reader and add color to the layout. The result was a report that was both concise and detailed in its information, but also vibrant and lively, thus engaging the end user.

Printed Report.

The printed report offered the unique opportunity to showcase some awesome photography from CEPF and it's parent foundation, Conservation International. After designing a structured, yet flexible grid system for the design layout, mapping out the correct photography throughout became a labor of love to ensure the best output. Financial data needed to be equally compelling and attractive.

Custom Design.

From start to finish, the goal was to furnish a unique design that would be engaging to the end user, both printed and online.


Careful planning was needed to complete this project successfully, taking into consideration the needs for the print version of the report and the logistical needs for the digital version.


Thoughtful and concise execution were imperative to ensure a timely delivery. Meeting the printer deadlines and delivering the digital version simultaneously would prove a challenge... No sweat.


Printer-ready files and an optimized web version of the print report needed to be supplied to the client and printer. Web files migrated from NWM’s servers to CEPF’s servers seamlessly.

Mission Accomplished.

Final design of the printed report and the online versions were met with great fanfare and enthusiasm. On time. On budget. Spot On!

As a client with some strong opinions about design, we really value Fred’s ability to be responsive and flexible while maintaining his own creative vision and high design standards. He works efficiently and effectively to come up with compelling design solutions to complex communications needs

Responsive Design.

The online version of the report is a responsive site that loads and displays equally fast and is visually gratifying whether you're on the run or in your office. A testament to the proper planning and execution of the project.